Banana Chocolate cake with a twist!

I love twists...While watching a movie my mind constantly jumps to what could have been instead of what was..Even while reading a book , I get pulled in by an unsual twist in the plot..I love the twist that surprises put to daily routine lives..I love twisting decor to make them look new at my home..I love a twist of lemon in almost everything and yes, I even  put a twist on the plain, simple vanilla banana cake..

Its not earth shattering .. but it is definitely earth moving!! 
For this specific cake, I have taken something as humble as bananas and given it a loaded deliciousness while being ultra soft and spongy...A perfect icing to this cake will be a hot cup of cappuccino...
Make this cake.. make it quickly as if your life depended on it... and if the purists say it is not a "banana cake" , tell them  "S" went bananas and has ordered us to go bananas too!!

Here's how to make this absolutely gob-smacking, delicious crumbly yet moist, rich yet light cake (oh .. I soo love oxymoron in my life, don't u)   ... 


Cast of characters: 

200gm overripe banana pulp (i used 4)
250gm all purpose flour
1 tbsp lemon juice (15 ml)
1 cup castor sugar (250 gm)

200gm butter (I used salted butter)
4 large eggs
3 tsp baking powder
For the twist you need : 
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
50gm to 70gm chocolate chopped into very very fine pieces
Hershey's Cocoa powder 100 gm
Coffee liqueur 30 ml
Chopped cherries 14-15 pieces
Raisins Handful ( 20-25)
Semi sweet chocolate chip ( some)
Orange zest 2 tsp
Now get started on that cake .. please... !!


Simple and delicious banana choco cake.
Lotsa love,
S :)


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