Chicken a la` orange sauce

Some people run. Some love slogging it out in a gym. Some shop. Some sing.
Me??  I love to read.. and write..and dance..and grow plants..and click pics..and paint some stones.. n cook of course!!
But I don't like cooking the normal daily khaana of dal , bhujia , subzi and roti..  I am very sorry but that is  not me. I don't have time enough for that .. or even patience for that! ( where in comes the cook...thank god for mercies like that..and thank you Mira for making sure my family eats on a daily basis)

What I do like to cook, is a little fancy, a little spicy, ..a little something that would wow you and yours... a little something that would satiate your cravings.. a little something to lift up your soul...and a little something thats beyond the  routine food....a grilled fish here, a dish of lasagna there..chicken curry for the soul to pulao that will take to heaven...a slice of DBC and a glass of mousse... its all done by me...
I call it " A dish less ordinary"..

Anyhow so I am back...after a hiatus of 5 days...Did you miss me ?? Aww.. i did too!!
Ok..  now that we  have got THAT out of the way, let me share a bit about what I have in store for you..
As most of you ( the good peeps who read my ramblings) know, I was down with something..not alien abduction or something scary... just a rather droll case of influenza! Now.. that at least sounds better than flu, right ? ( wink wink)
Perfect excuse to not bother cleaning up the house for a couple of days or even cook!!
I have found that once in a while its essential to take a hiatus from all the things you love , just so that you miss it even more... As the saying goes, " Distance makes the heart grow fonder".. and so in that vein I tried to keep a distance from all the things I love... like my cooking, and my baking...and the blogging and the clicking.. and of course from you lovely folks!!
And look where it got me!!

Everyone is kind of weird... once in a while! And so I ended up making something  wonderfully weird for my ever so wonderfully weirder husband and yours truly !! ;)
I made this delicious, ultra tender and Oh so amazing Chicken grilled in orange sauce..
If you are the kinds who believe fruit and chicken DO NOT go together, wait till you try your hands at this recipe... Your life, your whole food value system  .. heck...  even your taste buds will do a complete somersault and give you a hearty thanks!!
And of course don't forget to remember me as you serve it up to your loved ones and bask in their loving glances... ;)

Here's what you to start doing... pronto!!!


For the Orange sauce: 

Root vegetables : 
Potato wedges or you can have twice baked mashed potatoes like moi :)
Carrots cut into long strips
Pearl Onions diced big
Can use bell peppers or celery stalks as well.

Method :

  1. DO NOT turn over the chicken immediately. Let it brown up a bit..its whats going to give the lame chicken breast some color..and always remember, Color = GOOD. 
  2. This step is not negotiable..this is essential coz it helps seal the juices so that it doesnt dry out much while grilling.
  1. Remember to taste the sauce for seasoning and add whatever you think it needs..Typically varies from person to person but I almost always end up adding a little paprika and salt or lime juice at the end.. The perfect sauce tastes tangy and sweet with some heat as an after taste.. it SHOULD NOT be overwhelmingly sour or sweet. Adjust adjust adjust!! Its the key to any good sauce... Taste as you make!! Follow this tip for the rest of your life and you will never end up serving bland food!! Trust me.... :) 
  2. Do not forget to season the veggies lightly with salt , pepper and oregano either.