Back to my roots Baked Mishti Doi..

I love dancing…apart from being a trained Odissi dancer, who took her first classical baby steps at the young age of 3, I love dance. In all forms. Period. I am currently doing all kinds of contemporary classic dancing that I can…Obviously I do free style..and which self respecting Indian doesn’t do Bollywood?? ;) But the best thing I have learnt through my years of practice is to let go and dance….
Dance like no one’s watching!!

My love affair with dance began much earlier than my love affair with books..Cooking and clicking is a much recent addition.. After having blazed my way through all kinds of dance portals in my school and college years, I took a break from it..for no other reason than the fact that I didn’t have time anymore..But you can never take dance out of a person…

I hear a beat…any beat…my feet starts its own dance….I can sway to any rhythm…I can dance non stop for hours and watch dancing for hours…I have danced nights away with my hubby(then bf)..I twirl Dishu around the house, dancing to whatever tune might be playing in the background… I love dancing is what I am saying.

And if you are an Oriya(like me)or a Bong, chances are you are a trained Odissi dancer too…that or classically trained singer like my mom!! there anything she doesn’t do??? J :O

And if you belong to these two very very artistically inclined regions, chances are you were bought up on the delicious staple of Mishti doi or sweet curd like me. 

Till date, there is quite nothing like the Mishti doi one gets back home..though the baked version I made was almost as good as you get at any sweet shop..

I served it up rather proudly and Oh so happily….Nostalgia hits just thinking of the mishti doi we used to devour at home from small matkas…the yumminess , the creaminess of simple sweetened curd..the guiltless pleasure  of indulging your senses…the love with which mum used to divide it between the three of us(I hv an elder sis and a younger bro) …the unfailing love with which dad always got it for us…Its simply the most perfect ending to a nice homely meal.

Its cool, creamy and has just the perfect sweetness to offset the curd…Its baked with the goodness of condensed milk and evaporated milk, and need I say how yumm they make any dessert?? 

Yes, Its my one Nostalgic Occasional Indulgence…just like me revisiting the classical dance I learnt decades back…It’s a journey that never ends..the love for which never stops…the longing for  which is always present…and when you do indulge in it, it is as guiltless as the freedom I derive from dancing!

Celebrating my 50th blog post with this rather special dessert..


Method: (Using the oven)

Your mishti dohi is ready to serve now...Enjoy the chilled mouthwatering doi....

If you dont want to use an oven, this is how you can go about making it...
Take a vessel/ large saucepan,  add 1 ½  litre milk & 6 tblsp of sugar to it. Let it boil on low flame till the volume is almost reduced to half. Take 3-4 tblsp of sugar with 3tblsp of water. Heat it till sugar melts & turn to dark brown in colour. Then add this sugar mixture to the boiling milk & again boil it for 10-15min on low flame. After 5 mins.  Pour the milk to a bowl. Add 2tblsp of yogurt & 1tblsp cardamom powder.
 Mix it & Cover & keep it over night in a warm place. Then refrigerate it for another 3-4 hours & serve chilled. If you want u can add some chopped nuts to it.
I garnished with some Gulkand for a completely different flavour...
Much much Love 
S :)

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