Bruschetta ...not the traditional way.

Once more we are the corner of a brand new day..  a brand new week and yet another new beginning!!
Doesn’t it feel good to start a fresh week on a good note… ? Yet how many of us really look forward to Monday?? If you are anything like me ( and most of my friends) who simply adore the fat cat Garfield, you also believe that sleeping is a sport and eating a cheesy lasagna is a way of life !! And waking up on Monday morning to go to work, send the kids off to school, start with the same routine, yet again, is nothing short of torture!!
Yikes…. When I was a kid I used to think being an adult must be soo cool.. Its only now that I am an actual adult, ( HAHAHAHAHA.. tell that to people who have seen me throw tantrums) I realize how over rated it really is.
Yes, we do become independent with age. We do get to have fun of a more adult kind, we do get to run our own homes the way we want them and wear what we like and eat (drink)  what we want , call only the relatives we like genuinely, treat friends like family and go on trips without any baggage but tell me does it come  free?? NO… It comes at the heavy cost of a life of responsibility and never ending duties.
Don’t we all miss the days of no responsibility?? The pure simple joys that one experiences only when one is as innocent as a child… the fun that a kid has jumping in a muddy puddle is something rare…and a quality that 99% adults don’t possess..  I know I don’t!!!  ( I have OCD when it comes to feet) about having nightmares for a long time!! ;)
Similarly, waking up at Godforsaken hours on a Monday morning, after spending an extra indulgent Sunday is my least favorite part of the day…add to that the woes of cooking early in the morning!!
Arghhh… . did I mention torture?? Sheer torture man!! I sooooo miss my mom on Mondays ..especially coz she used to be soo sunny in the mornings!! How mom… ?? Time to spill the secret I think… 

I found an easy solution to this particular Monday Morning Blues Conundrum!! {( I should probably patent it right? ;) }
I am not taking morning mimosas to get you through the day… Come on…  Give me some credit ..i am a teetotaler!!
But instead what I am gonna share with you is a fun, no work (almost) recipe that we love to have on Monday lunch when your system is still trying to recuperate from the Sunday’s binge!
A simple, delicious, fresh and oh so flavorsome Bruschetta!! Is there anything better or easier??
I have loved bruschettas for the longest time, but now I am addicted to them.I am not going to take you down the traditional Bruschetta  route which is supposed to have ONLY tomatoes and basil… Rather , over the years I have found that bruschetta works with a load of toppings , and yes, there is no fixed rule to it! Play with your taste buds and it will lead you to a delicious Bruschetta!
The purists and nay sayers may say what they want, but I will still boldly declare these yumm delicious little parcels of joy and flavor as Bruschetta!!
You can change your toppings, however after enjoying many different flavor combinations, I have found that this particular recipe works the best and produces totally lip smacking bruschetta.


Preparation Instructions

Sit back, feel your heart jump up and down....quickly grab one up, take a deep breath... and simply sink in!!!