Eggless chocolate pudding..

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

I had a dream ...a dream in which I had stumbled into a house made of gingerbread , brandy snaps and all kinds of chocolate known to human kind a la` Hansel & Gretel! ( Rem the days of fairy tale)?? 
It was such a biting away at the house..bit by bit...till nothing remained except me!! On the other hand, I think there might be something seriously wrong with me to be having such dreams...and at my age and weight too!! ;) 
Forget weight and diet..My hand and my mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve my brain.
As for diet, hah! I eat healthy...Chocolate is pretty healthy. Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food.
Thats it. I have said enough. I rest my case now... Diet or no diet...Chocolate it is!! 
So anyways natural progression of the delicious dream was to have some chocolate in my system .. pronto! Before it shut down and rebooted or something.. 
And given that Mr. Sun was up and glowing gently after a spate of  seven dull, cloudy,incessantly rainy days, I decided this demanded a celebration.... and when I talk celebration , it means a dessert... and if its dessert its got to be chocolate coz in my book “Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.” 

But I wasnt in the mood for anything too elaborate or labour intensive...I just wanted something quick and simple but still every bit as decadently scrumptious as its more time taking cousins,...
I spent some ten minutes thinking, ( read scratching my bed head) ... wrote down some ideas.. promptly scratched them out and then just out of no where I remembered reading this recipe somewhere...
It was gonna be an Eggless Chocolate Pudding kind of  a day... In one word... YUMMM.
Its really easy and barely takes anytime at all , baring the setting time... Its really rich and creamy, smooth and sooo moreish... decadent, gorgeous and every bit as good as it looks..
I decided to make them two ways ; one with the traditional cherry compote topping...and the other with a peppermint flavouring.. need I say I loved them both ??
Although I was more partial towards the chocolate peppermint delight!


Mr. P ( Thats the husband for you), who's a major sweet tooth had one , then another and decided it was the best chocolate pudding he had ever had!
Ms. D (thats the adorable lil monkey who otherwise goes as my daughter) decided she loved the cherry ones the most..!!
Ahh.... What more could a woman want ?? Both happy, dulled and lulled by the magic of chocolate into a mellow mood....while I decided to take some pictures for you guys before they devoured the rest!  
So let me get down to it..
{I know ..I have rambled on a lot..but hey, good chocolates come to those who read me patiently ;)}

Ingredients :
Makes 8 servings ( small )
For the pudding
Ratio 5:4
Fresh cream 200 ml
Dark Chocolate - chopped 160 gm
For the cherry compote :
Fresh cherries 100 gm
1/2 cup vodka
6 tbsp granulated sugar
For the peppermint :
2 tbsp on mint essence .. You can reduce the amount depending on how much you like mint. 
Garnish :
Crushed mint candies
Whole Chocolate shots
Icing sugar to dust.
Whole Cherry

 How to :

For the pudding

For the cherry compote:

Assembling :

Serve immediately....Sit back...wait for the oohs and aahs... the sighs and the dreamy wows...
GLOAT like a Cheshire cat ...
When people ask, tell them its very tough and time taking, and smile like a devil from within... coz you know you are not gonna be sharing this chocolatey sinful delight with just about anyone!! 

A 5 pound heavier but amazingly satiated, 
S :)