Hassleback Potatoes

I was a willful child.I still am pretty willful, but I can hardly call myself a child anymore, especially when I am the mother to a child. Oh God.. when did that happen ?? :O
Anyways being a willful child,I was also very adamant about what I wanted to eat and what was totally gross for me.And what I wanted to eat was chicken, fish, prawns, meat, eggs, mushrooms and Potatoes!!
Hey Potato is a vegetable!!
So what if its not green like Hulk.. it still is a vegetable.And its healthy..after all its got all the starch, the carbs needed for you to carry on with your life..and it is damn delicious...in whichever form you make it. Now how can that ever be a bad thing??
Nothing against vegetables.. I do like them but you show me any kind of gobi (cauli flower, cabbage) and you will see my doing a complete 360 and I will be gone with the wind..You bring me Karela ( bitter gourd) and I will do a disappearing act faster than you can even say Mr.India...Oh...and you try to get me bhindi (Okra) and you will be beaten up with them till you are covered in its slimy seeds! Be warned.

We were a pretty pampered lot as children..used to get our way in almost everything yet no one could ever call us spoilt or brats. I think thats what good parenting is all about ..that and deceiving the kids..like moi ;)
I hide all the colored veggies in my daughter's dal so that she has her share of veg other than potatoes..coz what momma does, baby does better and loves better too!!
Given that 2/3 of my family is pro potato, poor hubby has to give in to the sinful carby delights of potatoes..esp since I can make them in more than 10 ways..
Lets see there the Basic alu dum..a dish i had perfected by the time I was 14... Your simple sookha alu with jeera..a super yumm dry potatoes and tomato dish.. Potatoes with hing and green chillie..alu palak (personal fave of the duo) ,..kashmiri alu, alu in a yoghurt gravy..potato au gratin..twice baked potatoes..french fries..mashed potatoes desi way..alu bharta...alu chips..and mashed potatoes made continental style (another all time fave of mine) and even the pretty duchess potatoes!!

Heck.. I can't believe it took me this long to try out Hassleback Potatoes...a fancy potato roast dish made my own by catering to my rather indulgent taste buds!

Its really simple..pretty enough to impress company..great as a side dish to grilled chicken and salad.. kid friendly and hey... you can make them ahead of time too!! What could be better!!???

The taste you ask??

Well... let me try to do it justice.
Imagine a simple roasted potatoes.With a crispy skin please...you with me?
Right, now add the goodness of butter cunningly concealed in its slices...roasting the potato golden and crisp from the outside yet letting it remain creamy inside...grated mozzarella or shard cheddar to add to the creaminess of it..its flavours compounded by the amazing spice rub I give my potatoes before roasting... and hey they love it!!
And finally to add to an already perfect dish...here I come...adding a great big tantalizing dollop of tzatziki sauce with wait-for-it...roasted garlic!!!

It just takes the whole thing to a new level. You have got to believe me. But more important than that, you have got to try this out. ASAP.

Here's what you need :

For the Hasselback Potatoes: