Lamingtons...a great Guest Post!

I love Guest Posts day...It means I get to take a break from cooking...and you get a break from me..just for a while..coz I love to have you coming  back to me for more and more..
However today is about the guest post of one special lady..

A girl who hadn't realised her love for cooking until after she got married, yet today, every time she enters the kitchen, she manages to wow her family, friends and fans!!
I am talking about our very own, super talented, pretty, lovely and Rani Mukherjee look alike Priyanka Chakraborty !! (adding the Rani bit at threat to self...she just might kill me for it )

She is the author of a totally fabulous blog with an amazing range of recipes which will make you drool, sigh over, lovingly make and greedily savour!!

I had very cheekily asked her to do me the honor of making something exclusive for me and Lapetitchef's friends!!
And oh God... did she surpass my expectations, which were high enough to begin with!!


 She made these simply out of this world, delightfully dreamy Lamingtons!
For those who do not know, Lamingtons are a wonderful dessert that originated from Australia by Lord Lamington and today is very popular in US today.. In fact its become such a popular dessert that there are Lamington drives happening there!

Its not an easy dessert to perfect by any means, and the fact that Pri chose such a gem of a recipe for my blog, makes me feel ever so grateful to her, not to mention hippitty hoppitty happy!!

Imagine biting into a softer than butter, melt in your mouth kind of sponge, only to find it topped with a decadent, rich silk like chocolate frosting,...which even more perilously gives way to the flavorsome dessicated coconut!!
Ohh.... yum.
In one word = Total Sinful Delight!

DO go check out her engaging and beautiful recipe at

Thank you for such an amazingly fabulous share..
You have just helped me add another delightful dinner story
Love ,
a totally thrilled