Mathura ke pede... or Milk Fudge dessert

As the saying goes"Banaras ke kachori aur Mathura ke pede nahi khaaye janaab,to kya khaaye!"

Translated " you haven't had anything worth eating unless you have sampled Benaras's famous Kachoris and the delicious peda of Mathura." 

I have always loved pedas, but just any peda wont do... for me it has to be Mathura's doodh peda.
Yes, I am on a traditional roll recently... Festivals tend to bring out the rather dormant traditional bit in me..
I grew up in a house which always had sweets...and non veg food! 
Rasgullas from Saalepur , Gur baked rasgullas , sumptuous rabdi, crispy hot jalebis steeped in sugar syrup, Big fat gulab jamuns calling out to be devoured, lighter than air sandesh and the best to eat , the innocuous but ever present, humble little milk fudge pedas!!
Ahh ...memories...sweet sweet memories!

Today however, as parents we have become too concerned about whats good for the child to eat and whats not. We keep admonishing kids with a strict "Don't eat that. Thats unhealthy. Thats fattening. Thats got more calories!!"
Dear Lord... It gives me a headache just to think of such moms... I myself am pretty chilled when it comes to food, whether its my own or for my family.
I believe food is more than just health specific and definitely much more than a calorie number... 
I let her eat what she wants... the key is in moderation and making them indulge in physical games..instead of sitting at home watching cartoons!
Do that , and you needn't worry about having an obese kid... 
I never was, irrespective of eating what can only be called a high calorie diet. 
What I am now, is a different matter and we wont be discussing it again.Ever. :P

Similarly, yes these doodh pedas are fattening, are high in calorie, but hey,,guess's more than a Diet...
Coming to this particular mithai, perfection did not happen over night. 
I had attempted this twice earlier, but the first time the color wasn't satisfactory to me although it tasted fine..and the second time...lets not even go there,.. thats a story for some darker time...

So you can  understand my state and range of emotions when I decided to make this particular meltingly tender and perfect doodh pedas...
But I have always loved pedas.. and its a must for me on festivals..
So I sucked in my stomach {( P was trying to take a pic of me.. and of course you dont wanna see my me ;)}, gathered my courage, sent a prayer upto the Lord of Mathura ...thought of my bro and the next time I would be making them for him and my family and set about to work. 

In short...the key to this dish is Faith!!
You gotta have ( I loved George Micheal, did you?) 

Its a very simple process really ...after all there are just 2 major ingredients..How tough can it be , right!!?
But you have to be exact with the timing and the consistency to get the perfect Mathura doodh pedas...

Here goes the recipe :

Ingredients :

Khoya or mawa 2 cups or 500 gm
Granulated sugar 1/2 cup 
Castor sugar 1/4 cup
Milk 1 tsp
Ghee 2 tsp or more
Water 1/4 cup
Cardamom 8-10 crushed and some seeds kept aside whole for garnishing.

Method : 

Saute the khoya in a pan on medium heat,stirring continuously for 8-10 mins .If it starts sticking , add a little ghee ..stir and keep sauteing till it reaches a lovely brown color.
Take the pan off the heat and set aside to cool.
Cook the granulated sugar with the water in another pan on medium heat.Add he cardamom.Stir till the sugar dissolves. Add 1tsp milk, collect the scum which rises to the surface and discard it.
Cook it till it reaches a single string consistency. Stir well. take pan off heat.
Now add the khoya mixture to the sugar syrup and mix well..transfer to a cool mixing bowl .
Divide the mixture into round balls by rolling it gently between your slightly on top.
Keep aside once prepared.
Next spread the castor sugar on a flat plate..
Simply roll the prepared pedas lightly in the castor sugar , press a few cardamom seeds on top, serve!!

And your perfect Rakshabandhan mithai is ready....