Melon Salad with a chillie kick!

This salad felt like a bit of a dare. Melon. Peanuts. Chillie. Jaggery. Lime. Unusual mix of ingredients...most unusual!
True to the spirit of meat free Mondays, I made veg cheesy pasta tonight for dinner, but when its cheesy, I crave something fresh.. and typically my pasta has to have a serving of something green by the side..
But today, i went with a side of gorgeous pink!!
Ahhh...finally found the perfect watermelon /musk melon salad recipe... and what a salad it was!!

Given that my love for the Italian pasta borders on the loon, let me confess up here, and say that I created history today. I forsake second helping of the pasta for more of this delectable, naughty , and oh so wily little charming pink, white and green dish!
PS: Did you notice I used all the colors of the watermelon in one dish by using three different kinds of fruits/veg?? I am silly that way.... I am!!

I love watermelons.. always it in the height of summer or the organic kinds one finds in hyper marts at any time... I adore those beautiful pink juicy flesh... I live on watermelons in the summer..I am talking eating them as it is for breakfast, freezing them into popsicles, making juices, add vodka and freeze them into melon cubes, make a mean watermelontini...and a perfect summer cooler in the form of watermelon mint mojito....But this salad simply surpasses them all...and THAT is saying quite a lot!
You want to know why?? Coz when it comes to watermelons,I am rather partial to the ones brave enough to take the savory route...and did I mention it has a not- so- subtle spice kick to it...and its tangy...oh..and its sweet!! In short, Its Perfectly Balanced... Like me! ( NOT)

Lets get started on this beautiful and easy salad.... (notice how I veer towards easy peasy recipes)? Thats just me. I love uncomplicated cooking. especially when I am beat and blue. and its a Monday night...and to top it, it is meat  free.... Yikessss... A girl needs herself some major easy pampering cooling dish ..and This is it. Period.


For the gorgeous dressing..
This simply happenedon the spur of the moment...always give into your instincts in the kitchen..More often than not, you will be right.

Take a spoon or dip your finger, taste it....retaste it...yup...U made that !!
Pat yourself on the back...and sneak in another taste... LOL...
Now simply control !!!
Put that in the fridge along with the chilled fruits/veg till needed..
When its time to serve, simply add the dressing...toss so that it coats everything well..add the peanuts and dig in!!

A Big Fan of Savory Melon,
 Your S :)