Crunchy Parmesan Crusts..A perfect snack!

 SNACK...Its one of my favorite words in the food dictionary! But you all know that by now, dontcha?
And I especially love it when snacks are healthy..and not TOO fattening..

This particular dish was the result of a sudden brain wave I had on seeing my jar filled with bread crusts in the refrigerator. I just hate seeing unused items on my shelves..You see I am all about organising.. :P I really am.. Shhh... Don't tell that to the cloth hamper on my washer, or the grocery thats yet to be unpacked...and the file cabinet that needs my attention !! If you do, I will never share my yummy, not too healthy snacks with y'all... :D

Baby has to have the crusts cut off on her sandwiches, I keep piling up those itty bitty lil bits that I find too tough to throw away daily!
I mean, come on...  don't tell me you don't feel a teeny weeny bit guilty looking at these pretty lil things!!?

That is when I had this epiphany.. I decided I would get my snack fix from them discarded long boys today...
I like making everyone happy...story of my life. ( Ha!! How I wish I could make everyone happy all the time, but I have realised that the key to making others happy is to be happy yourself..I am all wizened up for now. thank you.)
So here goes, Try these out... they take a mere 2 mins to prep and 7 mins to bake.. Ready to devour in 10 mins flat..
Here's why you should do this asap :
Have a heart... save a crust!!!

1. You know you love these crusts..especially if they are covered in cheese and spices and all crunchy
2. Coz midnight marathon watching of Modern Family or Game of Thrones is simply NOT complete without a healthy snack :P
3. Coz as you sigh and moan over Don Draper(aka MadMen) ,you need something equally delectable to put in your mouth ;)
4. Coz they are soo darned easy and quick..(and hey, I don't like to be in the kitchen, AllTheTime.)
5.Coz Small babies love it ( my 2 yr old pumpkin does... spices and all)!
6.Coz Big Girls with "a-dirty-lil-snacking-addiction" and DaddyLongLegs love it too .. ( he does, he did, he will do)
7.And lastly coz its Oh so addictive... NOT that I am addicted!! :P

Its a match made it "snack heaven" ( Is that even a real term,??)

Now lets get down to the basic science of this, shall we?
Here's what you pour/drizzle the olive oil on the crusts, it soaks up all its goodness, the cheese gets melted on to the crusts and sticks to the crusts so admirably, looking all golden and inviting..and the heavenly fragrance from the Italian herb mix,red chillie flakes and rosemary is enough to make your humble casa smell like the best risorante of Italy..

No reason why you shouldn't try this..unless you don't like food.

Here's what you need to do :


Instructions :
  1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F.
  2. Place bread crusts in bowl. Drizzle over olive oil, tossing the bread crusts as you go (with your other hand) so as to distribute the olive oil as evenly as possible.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and use hands to toss through the bread crusts.
  4. Spread out on the baking tray. Do a taste test to make sure it is seasoned to your liking - adjust if required.
  5. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes until golden brown and crunchy (check the ones in the middle of the tray). 
1. Stale bread works better than fresh because it doesn't soak up the olive oil as much, which means it gets distributed better.
2. This can also be made with leftover bread. Just cut them into sticks around the same size as the bread crusts.I did that too.
3. Substitute the herbs with whatever you want - oregano, basil, thyme, mixed herbs. If you are using fresh instead of dried herbs, increase the quantity by 50% (because the flavour of dried herbs is stronger).

Serve up... Just as it is or with ketchup and mayo if you like.

"Be sure you are snugly,
Sit back all cuddled and huddled with your mi amore`  ,
Switch on your  fave drama/comdey/thriller series... (pls..snacking isn't complete without this ritual),
Dig into the gorgeous crusts...together.. 
Before you know it , they will be gone, and you will end up blaming the other one for eating more :P,
Result= HE will go and make a new batch of this crunchy yummy bites..

A wizened but always naughty ,
S <3