The Imperfect Parfait.

There is something about imperfection that is so perfect... 

Perfection is boring. Or so I always say... I love the fact that I am flawed.. Okay..I dont LOVE that I am flawed..But I have begun to live with my faults...I am not perfect..not complete..not a super woman..not by a far far margin! I have my many idiosyncrasies..many whims that I give in to at the spur of the moment..I have my eccentrics which I zealously guard over ...I have my melt downs and blue moments..I have more moments of high than low ,sure..but I am a temperamental,feisty woman...I am more spice than sugar...more honest than tactful...more sensitive than needed...So yes, I am Perfect is what I am saying...

When I made this dessert, I didn't really want this to be perfect either! In fact I wasn't even thinking about anything other than making something delicious to eat.. Perfection was way off my mind! And why should I think of it?? Especially when I have never craved or desired perfection myself??
It may not be a Parfait in the true sense of the term..Its not made of yoghurt and granola bar and some berries. Yes, I love those too.. I do.. but occasionally (every night for dinner) we like to indulge at my casa..Its just imperfect in my world to not indulge yourself..or reward yourself with a rich yet soothing and satisfying dessert, after a hard week at work.
I called this a parfait..although you may name it a trifle too! I simply chose to call it a parfait ...(no offence to those who think otherwise) Please don't start a mean rally or something in front of my humble abode coz I called this calorie ridden guilt fest a parfait!

I like breaking traditions.. (did you know that about me?? What do you like breaking... ? ;)) Not Bones I hope :)

So here comes, My Imperfect Parfait...
A delicious, soothing to the senses, music to the palate kind of dessert which one MUST indulge in!

Its got layers upon layers of yumminess in it..something that the inner child in you will go hop scotching at, and the adult in you will dream of taking a guilty ride with....
Make this today for someone you love,to take them on a sinful road with lie back and watch the stars above hold hands and whisper of sweet nothings again...
Take a trip back to your childhood with this.. a glimpse back to those ephemeral days long gone...days unburdened by tiresome words like calories and fat and whatnot.. Days when you just wanted to be you..Days when U ate what you wanted ( I still do of course, my love handles speak for themselves, if you let them, they'll even whisper a fat story to u) ;)   

Remember you owe it to yourself to be you...even if it is Imperfect!

Pamper yourself. Hug your a shoulder to cry on for a friend in need, kiss your love, laugh out loud with your kids , Read a good book and Be Yourself.
Life is too short for a "Fake U"...or to hanker after perfection.

So simply, chuck the perfection and the yoghurt granola with it, and come with me for an imperfect trip thats way more exciting and satisfying!!

Imperfection is Perfect!

Recipe: Makes 4 servings




When ready, get trifle glasses or simply use champagne flutes  like me..Didn't have trifle glasses, and can't let such a "trifle" thing stand between me and this gorgeousness!!

A completely Imperfect, 
S :) 

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