A Mid week Stir Fry..

 I am old.. okie not "old" per se, given that I will be turning the Big 30 a month from now..but I feel old, especially mid week,everyweek!!
When and how did that happen? These 29 years have been such a blur...some good, many great memories..a couple of deep personal losses that I will never overcome...many things done wrong..many mistakes made.. but regrets? None.
However, come midweek, there is one thing I loathe..absolutely loathe...and that is cooking dinner!!
As if its isn't enough that you have been waking at ungodly hours these past 3 days, there are still 3 more days to go(yes, I have no Saturday off as some lucky lucky people) ..and by the time its Wednesday my batteries are drained and I feel old..start getting a little blue..find myself wishing for simpler hostel days when I could live (yes live!!) on cup of noodles and bags of chips...and I wasn't responsible for feeding other mouths, esp when they belong to my cute lil munchkin and the most darling guy one can have!!

So, I tie up my apron, and give myself 20 mins to make something wholesome and filling and get the heck outta the kitchen before I start biting the head off those cute two living in my house or throwing up my hands and crying out loud!!
This is a simple simple simple and easy dish.
Notice the stress on simple?? ;)
Also, I am a Simple Gal. I really am :D

I don't know if many of you would think this warrants a place in my blog, but I believe it does!!
Its tasty, and quick..healthy and filling..very very versatile and can be almost always made in a jiffy..served up to company...dressed up or down..served alongside delish mains or eaten as is.... what more could I ask for on a Wednesday night??? Nothing. Except may be that the days magically fast forward to Saturday!! :)

Ah well.. Till that time, I will make do with this...and so should you.

Pulao / long grained rice - 1 cup (Its a terrific recipe for using old cooked rice)

Mushroom 10-12 button mushrooms, chopped.
Babycorn 5-6 boiled and chopped into rounds
Colored Bell peppers.. chopped.
Onion 1 large chopped/sliced
Carrot 1 chopped
Ginger Garlic grated - 2 tbsp
Green Chillies 4-5 sliced thin
Red Chillie Paste 1 tbsp
Salt and Pepper

Method :

Delicious easy dinner is ready!
a Frazzled by Wednesday,
S :)