Diwali drinks...Paan Shots!


Paan Shots..Virgin or not, upto you!!
So you know there will be indulgence during Diwali..Food for the soul and then some more..
That last extra piece of sweet or just one more kebab....
And here's what I bring to u today...
An answer to all your post feasting problems..
Paan Shots!!
Made just the way Jiggs Kalra does at his signature restaurant Punjab Grill....
Fab Fab way to twist up an old digestif !!

I had this for the first time at Punjab Grill..Jiggs Kalra's famous restaurant in Delhi and Gurgaon...
While the food was authentic punjabi, I simply fell in love with the flaming gulab jamuns and yes, these little paan shots, served as a mouth freshener..And what a wonderful change it was!!
Since then, I have tried to recreate the taste wuite a few times.. There were always something or the other missing... However, this time I had another Eureka moment...and the result was the paan shots I remembered from the restaurant...!!

Paan or Betel is such a common and much adored after dinner mouth freshener and digestif in India..One can see small paan stalls generally cropped up along the roads...There is no dearth of paans sold.. you have a basic paan ,Kolkatta paan, Banarasi Paan and Maghai Paan...There are all sorts of special paan available these days, gold, silver, chocolate and some wedding pans that go into 1000 for 1 piece!!!

My favorite you ask??
Maghai wins..  without a question or doubt..
I love the way it melts in your mouth without leaving behind any annoying strands that get stuck in your teeth... Ewwwww!!!

And do you know what else makes this soo amazing!!!???
Its the stuff..the gorgeous gloopy stuff that goes into it.. Thats what gives it the taste..the freshness that we crave... a hint of sweetness from the gulkand...texture from coconut shavings... mint covered fennel seeds,cherries, coriander seeds and so much more..

So given my love for these typical Indian mouth freshners, I decided to include them in my annual Diwali bash... With a crowd of over 30, I need things that will make my life easier and which will keep the guests engaged...
Paan Shots to the rescue!!
Yes... Now you can drink your paan....  :D
I will involve my guests by asking them to add their own spirits to it,and to have fun while aiding digestion after what I am sure is gonna be one helluva party!!

There can be many variations to this.. you simply add some Sprite to it if you prefer a less concentrated paan flavor.. or as I do for the party, add a splash of vodka to it and turn this simple digestif into a fun drink for your freinds!!

Servings 4 shot glass worth
Ingredients :
Maghai Paan leaves  - 6
Gulkand - 1 1/5 tbsp
Mint coated fennel seeds 1 tsp
Dessicated Coconut 1 tsp
Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp
Vanilla Ice cream 2 scoops
Water 4 tbsp
Ice - half tray
Alcohol ( Vodka) - Optional

Blend all ingredients together till absolutely smooth and blended properly.. Make sure there are no paan bits floating around...
Pour into shot glasses.. Chill for 30 mins...and serve!!!

Getting my groovy fix,
S :P