Gajar ka Halwa or Carrot Pudding

Its been that kind of a week. The kind where the mercury is making me run to my trusted blankie for some extra snuggle time!
And hello...there is a festival around the corner!! Sorry.. was it today?? So what if this isn't a traditional Sankranti dish! Does anyone ever need a festival to enjoy this??
I most certainly don't. Sorry.. We certainly don't. 

This special dish is dedicated to someone who has been with me since I was born.. My twin in looks..and my soul sistah in the truest agony aunt and my binging buddy..she's been my fashion police and my loudest cheerleader. My streak of independence is inherited from is my voice.She's fearless.She's brilliant.She's a complete encyclopaedia...She is my Sister...She is also the reason I finally got the courage and the much needed encouragement to start this blog.. In short, Let me introduce the Fairy God Mother behind Lapetitchef - Swayamsiddha Mishra.

The moment I made this Gajar ka Halwa, I remembered how much you love this, and right now, there is nothing I wish for more than to have you with me, sitting and enjoying this bowl of halwa and chai with some garma garam pakodis!


How to:
smile emoticon 

Enjoy the freshest carrots of the season with this lip smacking carrot fudge or pudding...its a halwa in all honesty.. and you have to give this Indian dessert a chance to know what I am talking about.. 
No potluck is complete without sweet nothings... and Angie , Jhuls and Judi...a Big thank you to all three of you for tirelessly hosting yet another amazing soiree!

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