Just say Good!

"I still feel like I am a child.."
There are times when I long for the careless days on childhood more than anything, when all I want to do is "not do anything" and just play to my hearts content or paint till my dress,hair and face are covered with colors..Days when I want to sleep till afternoon and not have any alarm go off..Days when I long for my mother more than anything in this world...and thats when I pick up that my phone and call her,immediately...just like that. 
The moment I unload my troubles on her,...or share my joy with her and hear a "Good girl" or "good for you" from her, I am back to the happy state of "sorted" again. 

Yes. Validation. Good. Well done. Bravo. Kudos. Or even a more juvenile "You Rock"... we all seek and long for that. 
And especially from our parents.and family, the very people who are our safety net in this otherwise crazy world where there is no saying what might happen when. 
I am pushing thirty..and I have a 3 yr old daughter...When and how did that happen!!?? This certainly wasn't in my life plan..You know your bucket list..the list you make when you are young..
Being a mom and raising another human being wasn't on mine till the mature age of 35 (to say the least)!!

But such is life..It happens when we are planning different things and so it did to me. 
My miracle baby as I call her,came into our lives and has made me happy beyond my dreams.. 
I had never thought I will have a soft motherly side to me, but I do! Hello!!! Surprise surprise! 

Even though my baby is 3 she seeks the same validation that I do from my mom ..looks up at me with her beautiful big eyes when she says a new sentence properly...calls out to me the moment she finishes painting something new..Dances and looks at me to see if I am watching her..says her rhymes only if I give her my undivided attention. In short, she wants..nah..needs me to watch her little efforts and acknowledge them.
And acknowledge I do! 
A good..very good...or wow are agiven from me! I am not really a believer of being a mom with a stick or a fan of tough love. I am a big huge believer of the good old "Good"! 
And the moment I see her eyes light up, see her do it again, better..I know I am doing the right thing. 
There is no such thing as spoiling kids with too much love..There simple isn't. They don't seek presents, they seek your presence,..and validation. 

Lets take the time out to listen to what our children are saying, to read between the lines..to understand that even their world and life is busy and they look upto us to make sure that everything is fine in their topsy turvy,lollipop bitten, chocolate strewn world!
And our primary job ?? 
To say "Good" when they accomplish something...even if you have a thousand and one things to do. 
Remember you are responsible for shaping another person...and it can all start correctly with a well deserved "Good". 

Harried and happy,
S <3

PS: New section!! Yay!! I hope to write a post about my motherhood frequently...and it will be fun only if other moms join me..
So join in, share your views,...welcome your friends..lets take this up seriously ladies and help each other be better mothers!