Lehsuni Gosht or Garlic Mutton - Friday Fiesta Anniversary Special

I am a mutton virgin. There I said it. Go ahead and judge me! 
Not in eating...I have gluttonously savoured many a delicious mutton dish..But I had never gotten around to making it.It seemed too daunting. 

I am also more of a white meat and sea food kinda gal..as is P, which is another reason for me not trying to cook mutton earlier.But my friendly butcher assured me of the best cuts of meat the day I dared..and given my implicit trust in his butchering skills, I decided to give this a go and start something new!
It has been long over due anyway. 

Mutton curry in my home was a Sunday must. My dad loves his red meat and my mother makes a super delish mutton curry..Oriya style with potatoes and a rich dark delicious gravy of onions and whole spices. All you need with that curry is some basic steamed rice, salad and curd...and that simple meal will make you such a happy and sated person..
Oh and the post lunch siesta is kind of mandatory!
As is the film of oil left on your fingertips after eating it :P :P 

(Typically at home,most Indians have rice and rotis by hand...we believe it brings out the flavour of the food better. Trust me, take some rice, add the gravy to it, mash some of the potatoes in it..add some more gravy, take a bite..then bite into the perfectly cooked mutton.... and have a bite of the sharp lemony onion wedges...ahhh....my mouth is salivating at the thought of it and I had mutton for dinner last night!!
Such is the power of food,..especially when it is associated with love and you remember the feel of it. 

Anyways coming to this, my great,much awaited first time with mutton, lets just surmise to say that I am very proud of myself. As is P.. :P :P

This is a simple,no -fuss, no marination needed mutton dish. 
This dish can be made dry or "luga lipta", "lat pat",i.e. semi dry. I chose the later as it goes perfectly with the luchis and naans that I served it with. 
Deliciousness all the way..right down to that last morsel of mutton..and that final spoonful of gravy stuck to the serving bowl...I would lick it all.. (If I was a bowl licking kinda gal) ;) 
Its slow cooked for a long time..almost 2 hrs till the mutton is fragrant, tender and succulent (not pressure cooked), intensely flavorful and tangy from the garlic. 
Oh Boy... Am I glad I tried this!! 
PS: Did I mention everything good begins by chopping up some good ol' garlic?

Full credit for this fabulous recipe goes to the guy I think of as my mentor,Mr. Atul Sikand of the amazing Sikandalous Cuisine. I simply followed it to the T except make one little addition of my own. Its easy and brilliant at the sametime. 
A must make when you need to wow guests or simply start a Sunday tradition of your own.
Urvirginally yours,

I know this is a late entry to the Fiesta Friday's anniversary special...No matter how badly I missed the weekly visual extravaganza,I was tied up with other things and simply couldn't contribute. 
So,here is my first and most beloved entry to the party..Since I am already late for the part 1 (appetizers and drinks), I have decided to atleast bring some main course and dessert to the party.

One yr since Angie started this brilliant virtual potluck..the most happening party in town to share posts, try out new food but mostly to support each other in our kitchen endeavors. I still consider myself a new entrant here..Having been featured here is an honor that Angie bestowed upon me...
I greatly admire all you girls here and consider myself lucky to have found some very friendly ladies here,...I learn from each one of you..and I try to do different cuisines ,but at the end of the day, for the anniversary, I decided I will bring you a glimpse of me..and the perfect dish to do that is this Mutton Curry.

This is a must try for all mutton lovers..Angie, Selma,Hilda thanks for hosting this!! And here's to another year of fabulous food,laughter and friendship!
Love ,
Fiesta Fridays

  • Mutton 500 gms
  • 2 medium onions chopped
  • garlic cloves 20, sliced long and thin
  • yoghurt 5-6 tbsp
  • garlic paste or freshly minced garlic 1 heaped tbsp
  • Ghee-3 tbsp
  • Mustard Oil 3-4 tbsp
Whole spices:
  • bay leaf 1
  • dried red chillies 7-8 (adjust as per taste)
  • 1 black cardamom
  • 3-4 green cardamom
  • 1 stick cinnamon
  • 5-6 cloves
  • 10-15 black peppercorns  
  • 1/2 tsp ajwain or carom seed

  • Start by adding the mutton in the garlic paste , yoghurt and salt. You can cling wrap and leave it for 5 hrs to whenever(in which case freeze) Or use in sometime like me.
  • Take a non stick kadhai and add the ghee. When its smoking hot, add the whole spices.
  • next add the onions and let them brown.
  • add the mutton and cook over high heat to brown and seal.
  • Once brown,reduce heat , add the mustard oil and cook covered till almost done. 
  • Keep adding water as necessary.
  • Once almost done, took me 1.5 hrs, add the sliced garlic,cook covered for 15 mins till mutton is completely cooked.
  • Serve hot with naan, rotis,luchis or even parathas. 
Bringing these over to two fabulous weekend soirees with the best of bloggers and amazing hostess!

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