Chicken Jhol - Rustic Desi Curry

I like down to earth, salt of the earth kind of men. 
Yes, I do love them to look like Christian Grey without the "50 shades of grey" lurking inside of  them of course...I will make my peace with just 10 shades..thank you  ;) 

My dad is a self made man..a brilliant, absolutely brilliant guy. 
I doubt I ever met anyone more dynamic, capable or amazing. I have never seen him fail at anything..and even if he does, its only coz the standards he sets for himself are impossibly high.
Having lost his mom at the tender age of two, he had a tough childhood..Lets just say he never knew true love till he met my mom and fell in love with her.. And the rest as they say is history. 

My husband, much like my dad is a humble, down to earth guy. They don't show off. They don't boast and they don't bully. They are both dynamic & strong ... both are the pillars of their extended family and friends..both are home bodies for whom the family matters more than anything.. 
And often with these kind of men, there is a need in them to go back to their humble beginnings. 
It somehow soothes them, reminds them of all the tough times they have faced and how much they have evolved... It gives them the much needed connect with their roots...with their inner beings....with their souls..and they need it. 
Coz even if they lose themselves momentarily in the cacophony of brands and plastic foreign trips and new luxurious stretch limos and club nights, they will never forget their root... their humble beginning. 

This simple chicken jhol is a dish that celebrates the common man in India.. Its a dish that can be found in every home..may be a little altered,coz after all every region has a different dish in India, but this is atypical of the eastern region... and yes, I give you this simple,rustic, back to the roots chicken jhol as a subtle reminder to always save a bit of your past.. your beginning in you.. 

As a typical rusti dish, this chicken is full of flavors that are loud and shout at you! No subtle hint of flavors in this..and trust me, I wouldn't have it any other way. 
As someone who characterizes  her cooking as full of bold flavors, this curry has lodged itself permanently in my stout little "desi" loving heart and won a place in our bi-monthly Sunday Lunch menu..
The chicken  is simmered in a spicy onion and tomato based gravy redolent with the aroma of cardamom and cloves.. subtle hint of earthy sweetness from cinnamon and a big punch of heat from the peppercorns..Its moist and tender,with just the right amount of heat that you will experience as an aftertaste..Served with plain boiled rice, some cold buttermilk and a mixed veg salad, this dish is rustic and Indian cuisine at its easiest,non-fussy best!

Give this a go and I can guarantee you won't regret it. Ever. 

Remembering my roots,
S :)


Chicken 1 kg

For the Ground Masala:

Dry Roast: (for the garam masala)



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