Espresso Pannacota with chocolate ganache

"I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.” 
― Louisa May Alcott

Thats the thought that came to my mind as the ever so amazing P looks at my languid, lazing, still -hazed-with-sleep face and murmurs... "Just call me angel in the morning, angel.. " with that Oh so seductive look that still makes me heart moan.. But unfortunately for him , and answer was a slurred "coffee plsss".... !!

How very unfeminine one would think. But hey, if you don't let me finish my coffee in peace now,you have no business blaming me for what happens later. 

Yes, Coffee is my morning connect,my elixir. It sustains my soul, much like prayers do for some people. I am an incorrigible coffeeholic..and I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to enjoying the perfect brew.

PS: Check out my new helper ;) 
It must be black as night, sweet as sin.. with just that touch of cream to make things even better.

Me and P were talking about the art of slowing down over our morning cuppa that day..We were talking about how rat races and deadlines threaten to burn us out. I screamed a big hearty YES and then decided to get the better of life! Of course it didn’t happen.This Espresso Panna Cotta did though! 

What’s not to love about this quintessential Italian dessert of ‘cooked cream’? It’s one dessert where all flavours work magically and very few people would refuse a serving … the kids always want seconds and thirds! Its make ahead, indulgent and deliciously coffee! For those who have known me over the years, sorry it’s coffee again. For those who don’t know me – nothing wins my palette over like coffee in dessert! My guilty pleasure, my relaxation.

Now that we are talking love,I cant help but bring to you my favorite dessert..EVER. 
Its easy, classy and so so so moreish..
I feel like I have died and floated to heaven with every spoon lickin' bite of this..and if you are anything like P, you will know that the way to a gal's heart is with this amazingly delicious Espresso Pannacota with a silken chocolate ganache ....
It will fly you to the moon and back....!!!

As a special thank you for choosing my humble Lehsuni Mutton as one of the featured recipes of the anniversary part of Fiesta Friday, I am bringing this to all the amazing bloggers and wonderful ladies at the party..A huge thanks Angie, Hilda, Selma, Jhuls, Sonal and all the amazing people out there. Here's hoping the next yr is simply phenomenal!
I doubt anyone can put their spoons down once they start on this. 
Trust me...they dont ...Shhhhhh. ;)
S :) 

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