Ishq- Vishq, Love-shuv, Pyar- Vyar

Hi there!!
I am my mommy role!
Valentine's day is almost upon us and like the rest of us crazed fools in the blogging world, I have been busy piling on the calories on my poor already burdened under my ever increasing love handles.
Yes, I have been driving myself mad...!!!
But then today the realisation hit that the beastly ghastly day was already here and I didnt even have a gift planned yet, let alone bought and packed!!
Does that mean I am the worst wife ever in the history of the world? Will P get all sad and mad when he returns home with something awesome for me, only to find out that I have nothing for him, except offering him the amazing me of course!??
I am sure most of us would be in the same predicament..In today's madcap world where each one of us is busy juggling atleast 4-5 roles daily, its becoming increasingly tougher for us to remember dates and celebrate such days.
While we are on the subject let me just say for once and for all, that I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.
Here's why :
1. Any day that is supposed to be meant for love,makes me feel pretty silly! Are we not supposed to love our men for the rest of the 364days??
2. I am not exactly 15 anymore. Yes, I did get my share of Vday cards and gifts and proposals.. I did blush and feel pretty awesome when I got them but there is a time and age for that, and pushing thirty definitely isn't.
3. Coz I would rather watch 50 shades of grey cosily with P then go and eat substandard food in an over crowded restaurant, esp on Vday.
4. Hi there! I am a mirror.. Have you seen me lately?? This is the question it asks me..and my answer is.."who has the freaking time" ..On that note, all those magazines that churn out "5ways to a stunning you etc etc"makes me want to throw them in the bin,burn them and then stamp on them.
5. Coz I don't need a day to feel pretty or romantic..
6. No Vday coz I don't even have time for a mani-pedi!! I am holding out till I do..the day I manage to find time for that, that day will be Vday as far as I am concerned.
7. Coz we are parents. with an over energetic 3 yr old,who has a penchant to wake up at exactly the moment we are getting down to business. Which means we can plan all we want, buy those lingerie and long stem roses, chill our champagne and strawberries...but ultimately it depends on the mood of our 3 yr old. Fact.
8. Coz I am a die hard romantic at heart..
Coz I have never needed candles or roses or cakes or gifts...coz diamonds and pearls are immaterial to me..Coz I could't care less if wewent to a 5* or a dhaaba..Coz I don't want anything.

Romance to me is the way our eyes meet  across a room...the way your fingers find mine whenever I am close by...Its in the air thats charged with your longing for me even as we cross a room and brush accidentally..
Love is you knowing the book I have been longing to read and surprising me with it..
Its in the way you know how to make my morning coffee,exactly the way I love it...
Its in the patient way you listen to my tirades and soothe me..
Romance is that car ride with you, singing at the top of our voices..both tonedeaf.
Its in the playful way you smear ice cream on me..
Its the feeling of security..or solidarity...of friendship I feel when I am with you..
Its in the way we still dance to "Sway"
Its in you holding a sleepy Dishu in your arms for hours..afraid she will wake up if you put her down.
Romance is knowing you ...being with you..
Love is everything that you are...
Eight yrs since U & I became WE...but we have never needed to celebrate so called days, nor will we ever..Coz for me, every single day that you are with me is a Birthday,Anniversary and Valentine,all rolled into one.

Ever yours,
S :)