Pomegranate Margaritas...Hello Summer!!

And just like that...it was spring!! 

Yes, winter has officially taken leave from us and gone into hibernation! I, for one, am surely going to miss it. I love everything about winters... the cold foggy mornings, snuggling in the blankets with a hot cup of chocolate and my favorite book..the sun kissed games played with our kids..the lo cavore..and not to forget those piping hot fried delicacies one eats without feeling too guilty. 
But come spring, the joy of winter gives way to a different kind of fun altogether. The hot chocolate is promptly replaced by watermelon mojitos and the garma garam paranthas make way for yoghurt... fresh fruits find their way into moulds to be relished as frozen popsicles..and i lust after all kinds of drinks known to mankind. 

Yes, there is no real perceptible spring in India..and in the parts that I live in, we see a scorching, ruthless sun trying to roast me alive at 47C!! 
But then summer does have its share of goodies, doesn't it?? 

Who can resist the sight of fresh strawberries found abundantly now... I am already eating them by bucketloads, applying them on my face, juicing it up..mixing in purees, making jam.... My whole house looks like a strawberry popsicle straight out of the Hansel and Gretel story!

Then there is the summer vacations...the schools close..its the time when families go away to some place cooler..may be to some cocoon with a little blue beach and white sands... a silent mountain trek..some place steeped in history and a little mystery or may be simply to their hometown. I know I am already counting days until the date arrives ..Yes, I have my tickets all booked and ready... can hardly wait!!

And then comes my favorite part.. the late evenings in the garden with the family!!
We light up some of our hanging candles..the flowers in my garden give off a heady fragrance and the cries of the cricket punctuate our laughter and songs...
It is also the time I serve drinks..Mostly mocktails , sometimes cocktails...but yes, there is always a pitcher of something yum lying around ..and who can resist when its margarita with seasonal fresh and sweet pomegranates!!??

Fresh, Sweet with a bite from the limeade..of course loaded with tequila and sparkling water, this one is an instant fave. I sometimes garnish with a mint leaf and lemon curls..Other times, when it is too hot, I shoot these from the shot glasses, in the middle of a working afternoon when I simply need my "Happy Hour" to begin.. 

Grab a glass, take a sip or two ..and say hello to Summer 2015!!
And with this gorgeous drink, I want to say Hello to all the amazing bloggers at FF and to Angie for giving us another wonderful weekend.. 



  • Pomegranate Juice ( freshly made) 
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Limeade 1/2 cup
  • Tequila 1 cups
  • Triple Sec 1 cup
  • Sparkling Water 2 cups
  • Mix everything in a pitcher, add ice cubes and chill till ready to serve. 
  • Alter the amount of alcohol as per taste. 
  • Serve as is, or with some pomegranate seeds on top.
S :) 

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