"Sarson da saag" te "Makki di roti". (Mustard Green curry)

DDLJ.Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. The movie that catapulted SRK into the major league and lodged him in that fast-beating,silly heart of mine!
Oh yeah..he sent my heart all pitter patter with his boyish charm and those gorgeous dimples...
When I think DDLJ there are two images that instantly crop up in my mind..
#1. The train scene obv..where SRK helps Kajol by pulling her into the train
#2. The swaying mustard fields that form the backdrop of the ever soulful "tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam"....

Yes, I am talking food now. Sarson or mustard...the quintessential Punjabi khaana.
Make this winter must "Sarson da saag" and "Makki di roti" with white butter for a taste and feel of the dhadakta dil of India, Dilli..and Punjab!

This is a typical winter dish given that the mustard greens can be found aplenty in this season...and man..I wait every winter for them to flood the markets.
Though this isn't a dish I grew up on, it is on eof my husband's utter favorites..and something that still makes that strong,silent heart of his go pitter patter ;)

Memories of his grandma is what this dish is all about... and of his youth.. his days spent in Delhi, devouring these in the winter alongwith gajar ka halwa.

When I had my first taste of it in a restaurant,I was hooked onto it.Ever since that day, I have been making this..and we have loved every little spoonful of it. 
Its certainly an easy dish..but it does take time. So make sure you buy your greens fresh and before time..and start making it well in time for lunch.

S :)

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