Shikhampuri Kebabs

Your Lunchbox conundrum and healthy starter hunt - Solved.

For the longest time I have been trying to do different variations of kebabs..yes, if you visit my blog you will see I already have a plethora of kebabs and tikkas plated and happily devoured.but I wanted something new and fabulous.

That's when these awesome Kaala Chanaa kebabs happened.
Fabulously yummy and absolutely healthy Shikhampuri Kebabs..

These are made from kaala channa , filled in the centre with a light hung curd and spicy coriander chutney..and shallow/tawa fried..
Simple, delicious, healthy and filling when served as wraps over mini rotis.



S :)

I want to thank a fellow blogger Ruchi Airen for this fabulous recipe from her mom's treasure trove.Do visit her amazing blog for some more wonderful recipes!

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