Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

"Or maybe spring is the season of love and fall the season of mad lust. 
Spring for flirting but fall for the untamed delicious wild thing".

The ground isn't frozen anymore..nor are the rivers. The mist has lifted from the skies and the fog cleared from my mind.. All I see is a bright golden sun, calling me out into the garden.. whispering of things to come..warm and hot summers to be spent indoors , bent over an old bookmarked novel and a bowl of some frozen delight. 

Oh yes, This is going to be a deliciously fresh, light and Oh so not guilty post!!

So last month I was doing an interview for a magazine ..and guess who I was interviewing? One of the biggest dessert queens in India..none other than the amazing Deeba Rajpal.
In the course of my chat with her, she told me that as she doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth, she kicks back at night with a bowl of full fat yoghurt. 
The inner Nigella in me was more than a little shocked!
I mean ..come on... Yoghurt at midnight?? Really?? 
Whatever happened to good old chocolate something ..or nachos?? 
But then, I saw this.  

Her Strawberry frozen yoghurts...and I knew this was no mere bowl of dahi... 

This was a treat.. a treat that had to be made and gobbled up as soon as humanly possible..and yes,
it makes you feel way better than that rich piece of chocolate cake would. 
And.. No extra calories! Yay!!
Finally.. some much-needed break for my love handles ;) 

I have been having an awesome time with strawberries this year,..and it helps that BabyD is equally fond of them..I mean, come on , look at these juicy red berries....who wouldn't want to eat them!!

I know I do .... And I didn't wait  a moment longer to make these,

Result??? Smooth, creamy, tart yet sweet dessert which I gorged on..three bowls at a time, without any guilt!!

Verdict : Floating on a strawberry marshmallowy cloud, if there was such a thing!

Go make these...sit on your porch..light those candles...laugh with your amore...and simply sink into the soft yet frozen, perfectly gorgeous pink cloud called Strawberry Fro Yo!!

While Deeba's version uses an ice cream machine, I did this by hand.. well by a hand blender. 

But now with the success of this, I am thinking its time for me to go get that Thermomix!
After all spring is just in the air..and I have another three scorching months ahead of me..and I know I will be making these delightful desserts all the time..come what may, or June :P 

Other changes I made were, I used honey too, in place of all sugar to make it a tad healthier.

Bringing this frozen delight to my friends from other half of the world... Angie and girls at Fiesta Fridays!

Say Hello to Spring ladies.. Can I interest you in a bowl of this pink goodness??



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Enjoy this bowl of delicious good health. 

S :) 

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