Achaari Paneer Tikka

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and in this case, Meatless Monday was the mother behind this invention of mine!! :P 

The perfect food for meatless Mondays or just about any party! Perfct, subtely spiced, healthy grilled paneer tikkas!

A 'naughty pickle' is how I'd best describe myself. I think fun and laughter is the whole point of life. 
People mostly describe being in a tough situation as I am in a pickle... But I think that's rather misleading. 
If you are in a pickle thats as tasty as I have, I would love to be in it...permanently!
Infact, I am pickled (instead of tickled) would be my ever green status. 

Perfect party starters

As Indian, we love our pickles or achaars don't we?? There is something so comforting and satisfying about the taste of that tangy,, sour, spicy hot lil pickle that goes perfectly with almost all our desi khaana... 

Achaars are hot ...spicy...oily...sour..tangy..and even sweet and sour.. or simply sweet at times...!
There's the ever popular mango pickle..the sweet aam achaar..the hot lime pickle (apparently ravished by pregnant women, I was an exception.. this is the only pickle I can't stand), the personal favourite green chilli achaar, pickles made of all sort of berries, spicy and tangy tomato pickle, aromatic and oh sooo satifying garlic pickles... sweet n sour amla or gooseberry murabbas... You name it, we got it. 

Taking my love for the tangy spicy condiment forward, I decided to add paneer to it... and what followed was a lip smacking, want- to- have- it- all- at- one- go, can't have enough of it kinda paneer starter.. I have but of course done the same with mushrooms..and it works equally well!!

The fabulous Achari masala recipe I have used belongs to my awesome foodie friend Neha of the famous Whiskaffair!! If you haven't visited her site yet, you are missing out a lot. Do hop over and indulge your senses in some of the most mouth-watering dishes and even more droolacious pictures!
Thanks so much Neha..It totally made my Meatless Monday rock!!
Let's take a quick look at this simple starter... 

Serves 2 -3 people. 
Time taken :15 minutes cooking time + marination time

For Achari Masala:
S :) 

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