Aloo Parantha/ Alu Parontha/ Indian flatbread stuffed with a delicious potato filling

Love made simple. 

Most of the times it really is.. Love. It is simple. 
One rarely thinks of things when falling in love. In fact one hardly thinks.. 
If I was to talk about me and P, I would say it was a typical case of "fools rush in where angels far to tread" ;) 
The food that I am going to share with you today is just that. Simple. And Love on a platter. 
For me aloo parathas are a way of life. I used to love them as a chld..early morning breakfast before going to school used to be this simple stuffed parathas..and that's everything I needed. 
It is also the memory of my mother doling out these amazing stuffed parathas for the family, with some home churned white butter and curd ..
"Its the feeing of coming home after a 
long and rather tiring day, its the feeling of being comfortable in one's own skin, the joy of biting into its spiced filling and knowing that somethings don't need to be changed , that even though change is the only constant in life, these Aloo Parathas, and our love for them has remained constant too". 
Over the years, inspite of the health fads and dabbling in so many different cuisines,this particular dish has retained its importance in my life. Thankfully baby D loves it just as much as I did , which mean more aloo parathas for us!! Yay!! Win win for all at home :) 

Contrary to popular belief, its not really tough at all. In this post I have tried to show you a step by step on How To make the perfect aloo paranthas (and that too by someone who would have them as their dying wish)!!

Let's get started then, shall we?? 
The usual cast of characters include whole wheat flour or atta, boiled potatoes, onions/shallot, ginger, green chillies and coriander. 

The parathas are not too thick which ensures that the filling is spread out even to the edges of the circle,and it doesn't taste doughy. The potato filling is simply delicious. I add just a couple of extra spices to zing it up..Its got that hint of heat from the chillies, tang from lemon juice and aamchoor powder (dry mango powder) and freshness from ginger and coriander. Clarified butter or ghee is used to shallow fry these parathas till they are golden brown on both sides..And its the ghee that is the deal cincher. It takes things to a completely different dimension and you have to trust me when I saw, PLEASE try to get hold of some ghee for this, if you want it the completely authentic way!!

Serving Suggestions:  One can have these paranthas by themselves with just some ketchup or pickle as a side. However, I love serving it with the whole gamut of condiments like coriander-mint dip (hari chutney), mango pickle, curd with jaggery , onion and chilled mango juice! Perfect breakfast. 
PS: I have it for lunch and dinner too...and I promise not to judge if you do too ;) 
We will call ourselves the "Sisterhood of the aloo paratha lovers" !!

Spicy tangy potato filling inside this delicious paratha ..the perfect breakfast.

S :) 

Time Taken : 20 minutes.
Servings :6



Condiments for serving:



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