Watermelon Breezer

Perfect Summer Coolers.

Summer is here in its full glory in my part of the world (Read India).. Oh yes, we are touching 41C here. On the other hand, some of my lucky friends tell me they are still using mittens and enjoying hot bowls of soup!!
Whoa!!! What a dream that would be! To snuggle in blankies, wear mittens and yes, the soup... glorious hot bowls of chicken soup for my soul. We are a longgg way from there yet. 

I have been doing my bit to beat the heat..and what better way than to use up the freshest produce of the season and make something fabulous for a weekend brunch with friends!

I made this simple drink in both the cocktail and mocktail version..Cocktail for us grown-ups, There was a lot of friendly gossips, review of the latest movies..oohing and aahing over what the others were wearing and of course food!! How can I have a brunch and the conversation not revolve around food? 

And for the tiny adults, we made the mocktail version..which of course they loved too. So feel free to go whichever way you choose. It's equally delicious either way.

"Best thing about the scorching Mr. Sun?? Guiltfree gorging on coolers. Drink, guzzle, sip!! These super refreshing Watermelon Breezers are made healthier with a splash of coconut water, soda, mint and lime juice! 
Virgin or not, upto you!! I made both".

Time Taken 10 minutes. 
Servings : 6 glasses or a pitcher


For cocktail: 


Relax and enjoy this perfect summer cooler. 
Perfect make ahead drink, simply remember to add the soda in the end. 

S :) 

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